Today, parents are doing everything they can to benefit their children. Anything from listening to Metallica before bedtime to watching Game of Thrones on the weekends. Whatever they can to enrich their development. If you’re a parent looking to do more, then it’s a good idea to introduce your kids to Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Here are some reasons why:

It explains how bad life can get

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a bleak tale about three orphans. After losing their parents and becoming orphans(which is also the only way to become an orphan) they’re taken in by a distant relative. For the next thirteen books this same relative tries to kill them in order to take the massive inheritance left by their parents. The books are both dark and depressing, with the author shamelessly and constantly admitting it.

Reading this series presents an alternative reality for your kids, one without you as their guardian. Assuming it is your child, it is possible that they don’t deserve anything you’ve given them their entire life. By reading them this tale, you can remind them how terrible life can be without proper parental guidance. These books are so depressing it can make your kids love you.

Teaches kids not to play with fire

The three main characters in this series lost their parents due to their house burning down. Now, after understanding how important it is to not be an orphan, they will never touch the stove.

Teaches them not to talk to strangers

Everyone in the series that tries to help the children usually end up dying. On the flip side, every character not assisting them is usually trying to kill them. There isn’t much of a gray area. Reading this to to your children will instill them to trust you. And only you.