Blue Eyes White Dragon

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If the company doesn’t appreciate Yu-Gi-Oh, they don’t appreciate you. This is the classic card in Yu-Gi-Oh lore. Not only is it the OG, but Blue Eyes White Dragon is the source of inspiration for culture all over the internet.

If you’re applying for a marketing agency, this will surely get you the job and communicate that you understand internet culture. This will prove to the hiring manager that you get it. It’d be weird if you didn’t bring a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

Black Lotus

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Here’s a card you bring if you’re applying to an industry that’s a little more old-school — think financial firms. The finance industry is going to be occupied by nerds that are slightly older than those at marketing agencies. This means you’ll need references from a previous generation. If Yu-Gi-Oh is a card game that the layman thinks is OG, the real OGs know Magic: The Gathering. Real recognize real.

Tarot Card

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This is the card you bring as a last resort. If you don’t want any competition for the job whip these out during the interview. Start dealing to whoever you’re interviewing with. Deal properly and all the other applicants will suddenly perish.

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