It’s the new year and that means New Year’s Resolutions. For many, beginning a workout routine is hard. So here are some tips in order to make your run more effective, less bothersome, or just simply more fun!

Wear a ski mask


People used to get in my way during my run. Now they run away from me.

Running with a ski mask spreads a crowd like no other. It has the bonus effect of giving pedestrians a workout that not only gets them physically moving but also exciting their heart.

Run with the elderly

It’s important to show improvement in any workout, even if the improvement is just relative. To take a tip from the outside world: even people going out to bars make sure to bring an ugly friend. It’s important to create contrast. So take this strategy and apply it to running. By having a partner your always going to beat, your always going to finish as a winner.

Run in a hospital


People will always assume that if you’re running in an emergency room, you’re running with a purpose. A side-benefit to this practice is that there will be a plethora of refreshments abound.

Run alongside a pool

Confidence is key — especially when it comes to workout motivation. While some try to get full-body workouts in the pool, you can remind them that no matter how fast they swim, they’ll never be faster than the lazy guy jogging next to them.