The American electorate is made up of a diverse group of almost 330 million people. From different races and religious affiliations, all these groups have their rights recognized. Christians have their voting bloc, as do Jewish, Muslim, Latino, and African-American communities. With people representing them within the largest elements of the Federal Government, all have their views expressed in some way.

Everyone except the Amish.

The Amish have seen their lack of representation go on far too long. They have been mocked in films they’ll never see, teased in interviews they’ll never listen to, all simply because they reject technology. And soon we will realize the consequences. They want vengeance. Here’s why they’ll get it…

Population Growth

“There are always more of them before they are counted” – Ulysses S. Grant (for more info, click here)

This Renaissance painter famously said this describing those moments in life when a group’s volume rises above their actual numbers.

In the context of the Amish, their lack of technology makes them quite the opposite. With the Amish, there appear to be far less after they are counted. When, in fact, according an article by citylab, their numbers have more than doubled in the past twenty years from 100,000 to approximately 251,000 today. This is apparently due to the Amish maintaining large litters of children while the rest of the country has experienced declining birth rates.In other words, how population growth works.

Media Usage (or lack thereof)

The term “media usage” has probably never been mentioned by an Amish person. On a different note, many applauded Bernie Sanders in his campaign for mobilizing the youth through social media. Grassroots organizations were able to coordinate via Twitter, Facebook, and Tinder to take their campaign farther than many expected.

For the Amish, this type of coordination is an impossibility. By refraining from technology they have no way to collaborate…but it also means they will go undetected. Their trips to the polls will not be measured by any social media activity, but their votes will get noticed.

The Amish are incredibly underrepresented in American politics. They will never see advocacy groups talk online about their plight. But once their population grows strong enough they will want their views represented. They will go to the polls speaking Dutch English, and leave with an ascension of power.

Continue to spread this message online and through social media.

If anyone is worried about me broadcasting their plans on this website, don’t worry. They don’t even know how to find it.

I predict that in the next election we will see the greatest resurgence of the Amish vote the country has ever seen. It will be a surge of votes, traveling by horse and buggy, that transform our nation.