Don’t ignore an opportunity to be the best version of you. Having the right background for video chats can set the tone for how others perceive you. Chatting with an unmade bed or dirty kitchen behind you can ruin your credibility. Use one of the backgrounds below to craft the person YOU want to be in the office.

The Hustle Background

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Accountability has gone out the window as we’ve transitioned to working from home. There’s no way to tell who is at the computer for eight hours a day or who is watching TV, walking their dog, and pretending to love their kids.

Use this background to send a strong message to your compatriots at the office that you GET. AT. IT. every sing day.

Peloton Background

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Exercise equipment is everywhere in this new world. And no exercise equipment says prestige more than a Peloton. Having a Peloton says two things: you know how to stay in shape and you know how to draft a proper business email. So, use this to be simple and to the point.

Multiple Pelotons Background

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The Peloton logo background works, but it’s a little boring. This one has style. This one speaks for itself. If having a Peloton says status, having this background says visionary.

Bad Vibes Background

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Bad vibes kill careers. Don’t let them kill your home office.

Corporate Buzzword Background

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Everyone wants someone who’s in on the latest corporate trends. For people who have senses of humor, they’ll think this is a fun, tongue-in-cheek way of mocking corporate America. For those who don’t, they’ll think you’re just inspired by the latest Jim Collins book.

The backgrounds below include good-looking people imposed on the image to show what it might look like if you were using them yourself.

Breaking Bad/Pop Culture Background

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Don’t be afraid to show some personality in your background. The above example is from a famous scene in the hit-show, Breaking Bad. Taking a snapshot of an iconic Hollywood moment is a fun, risk-free way to show a little bit of you when talking to senior leadership at your organization. Whether it’s the Goodfellas grave digging scene or the Game of Thrones duels, make sure to pick a scene that’ll make the impression you’re looking for.

Duality of Man Background

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Here’s another example of something you can do to show off a piece of yourself. Every company loves a Renaissance Man — someone with brains and a sense of humor. In this sample background we have a screenshot of the dictionary to the left, as well as some relevant “simp” memes on the right. This background shows off the dual nature of one’s personality — the ability to compartmentalize work and fun, as well as the ability to tap into the zeitgeist to connect with clients and customers.

Ted Talk / Visionary Background

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Dress for the job you want. Or in this case, use the Zoom background of the job you want. TED Talks are the ultimate way to signal your intellect. Using the famous TED Talks stage as a background can put your IQ on par with their most famous speakers. Make sure to include something like the Newton’s Cradle featured in the top-left. Only a small segment of the population knows what a Newton’s Cradle is. Think of it as a subtle wink and nod to the 150+ IQ people you work with.

If any of these backgrounds helped you feel free to give it a like and share the wisdom.

Let me know how these backgrounds worked for you and what they’ve done for your career.