When crafting a résumé you have to use every tool out there to stand out. Nailing the design and getting the right emotional response is key to getting a hiring manager to fall in love with you before they’ve even met you. So, to help make that happen I’ve included four simple designs that you can start using today.

Pentagram Design

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Employers want to know that you’ll work like the devil. Why not also show that you worship him? This résumé is proof that you would sell your soul to get the job. Since employers are going to expect this kind of commitment when you’re working, why not get ahead of the curve and show them now?

Disclaimer: my résumé designs are quite popular and tend to become industry trends within weeks. I recommend using this template sparingly. When this design becomes mainstream it’s going to require you to up the ante in order to continue standing out. If you start noticing your peers applying for jobs with designs such as this, I recommend you consider making a blood oath with your résumé.

Internet Meme Culture Design

Everyone wants to mimic the popularity and wit found on the Wendy’s Twitter profile. Just look at the photo below. It has ten-thousand retweets and probably took a millennial intern five minutes to come up with. Companies are going to want to know you can drive that sort of traffic. Résumés that include ideas such as this can do just that.

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Example of a Wendy’s tweet

If you know for sure that the hiring manager is an out-of-touch but trying-to-appear-in-touch type of person, including the image below could be key to getting an interview:

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Just submit your résumé and cover letter as normal. Then, consider including this image as an additional document. This would work especially well if applying to a company that has to advertise on social media.

If anything, you can just put the meme on the résumé itself just to ensure the joke lands:

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Stamp of Approval Résumé Design

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Employers are looking at hundreds of applicants. By including this “APPROVED” stamp on your résumé, the hiring manager will think one of two things: You were already approved by someone else and they don’t need to look at your résumé anymore or, as an applicant, you already know how to “think past the sale.”

Bravo, you’ve got the job.

PokéChart Résumé

Remember the stat chart that Pokémon used so you could have an easy idea of what each Pokémon offered Why not use the same thing in your résumé?

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This chart lets employers easily decide whether or not you’re a good fit for their company. It provides a strong first impression, shows an eye for good design, and shows you value the time they need to take sorting out different applicants.

You’re a communicator, an innovator, and an intellectual.

Let me know how these designs work for you, I’m eager to see how this helps build careers just like yours.