Do you work in the service industry? Maybe you’re an Uber driver. Maybe you wait tables? Or maybe you’re just someone who wants to help those in the service industry? Regardless, people always want to increase their tips. Below are some ways how.

Strategy 1: Shaming & Anchoring

The difficult part of increasing tips is that they are always private. The highest tippers have no way to signal to the heathens that they need to increase their own tips. How are you really supposed to know if anyone else is giving as much as 20%? You have no idea. Of course, if you ask people at social gatherings, they’ll say they tip 20%. But let’s be honest. They be cheap bitches.

To increase tips for those in the service industry, we are going to make our tips public. We’re also going to take it a bit further by using a little psychology trick called “anchoring.”

For those that don’t know, anchoring is when you make a strong opening offer that controls the playing field for the rest of the negotiation. Its like when you offer an insultingly low amount of cash for something on Craigslist. You’re not gonna get the price you want, but it’s bound to come down at least a little bit.

So, next time you’re doing something like, say, getting your haircut, do this: When you finish and are about to pay, and before you give your tip, turn around. Make sure to face the room of the five or so people waiting for their appointment. Then announce your tip publicly. Say, “Everyone, I’m giving this fine, young hairdresser a $20 tip. If any of you want to avoid looking like an asshole, I recommend you tip something a little bit close to that number.” Then, nod to the hairdresser and go home with a job well done. (Before you leave, don’t be ashamed to slip a $5 tip instead. Remember: tips are private and the hairdressers aren’t going to be upset that you helped them anyway.)

Even if people don’t fork over a $20 tip, it’s guaranteed to make some people in the room tip higher.

This piece of advice only works in public places. So feel free to use this at restaurants or the casino table. Just don’t waste your time doing this when you step out of your Uber. So remember: shame people. Then set an anchor to make the tip as high as possible.

Strategy 2: Social Proof

One easy way to increase tips for your bar or restaurant is to leave out a tip jar — that’s common sense. What’s interesting is that tips are found to increase when cash is visibly sticking out of the tip jar. When people see that others have tipped, it’s a little reminder that they should do the same. Social proof — or people mimicking the actions of others — is one of the most powerful motivators out there.

We’re going to use this. We’re just going to step it up a notch.

Don’t just leave single dollar bills or five dollar notes in the jar. Leave gold chains or exotic jewelry. Go for a Scrooge McDuck kinda look. People are going to see this and feel like they have to match it. And if they don’t, you’ll at least anchor in their minds that your services are valuable.

Strategy 3: Make Associations

Experiments have shown that you can influence what people buy through associations. In a study located here, researchers were able to influence what wine people bought by playing different music. When French music was playing, French wine sales went up. When German music was playing, German wine sales went up.

We can use this same strategy. Try playing music in your car or restaurant that will influence people to give away as much money as possible. Fat Joe’s “Make It Rain,” Ludacris’s “Moneymaker,” and Rihanna’s “B*tch Better Have My Money” are all excellent, wholesome choices.

Tip #4 Cues

Subtlety remind people to tip you. Do this by implanting the word “tip” as often as possible throughout your encounter. For instance, try changing your name-tag or the name on your Uber profile to “Tip.” That little cue can plant the idea of tipping into their subconscious. Take this even further by giving your nails French tips. You can even give your hair frosted tips. All of these different types of tips are just going to be a series of reminders that a customer won’t be able to resist. By the end of their trip, they’ll be asking themselves why they were so generous. But you’ll know why.

Strategy 5: Think Past the Sale

Thinking past the sale is a cliché car salesman tactic. That’s because it works. For instance, when a car salesman asks you which color you’d prefer your car to be in, they’re making you think past the sale as if you already bought it and are now deciding between your color options.

Use this same, sleazy tactic.

When you meet your Uber passenger, remind them that the app now features tipping. If your a server at a restaurant, remind them that tips help you make rent. Before someone pays, ask them if they prefer to tip 15% or 20%. Don’t let customers question whether or not to tip, just make them think about how much to tip.

Pyschology can be used for good or bad. In the context of tipping, it’s a little in between. So, use this advice to increase your monthly income. If you’re not working in the service industry, at least you’ve armed yourself against the best tactics.

I hope I’ve enlightened you. Please follow for more.