It’s not the 1950’s anymore. You’d think this wouldn’t be necessary to write…yet here we are.

For the record, this blog has nothing to do with advice on the proper treatment of women. I just used that title and sub-title so that when you like, favorite, or share this post, it will make a good impression on your social media page.

You’re welcome.

…I really have nothing to add. This was created mainly for the headline. The vast majority of people don’t click on anything so it doesn’t really matter if you share this on Facebook, email it to your work contacts, or pin it to the top of your Twitter. Just keep adding up that social currency.

Anyone who hates this headline will keep scrolling. Anyone who is proud of you for sharing it will quickly assume they know what the article is already talking about and just pass the message along.

Do what you want to do. If anyone criticizes you for sharing this empty post, just say, “What I was really trying to do was START the conversation.” Then you can try to make them feel guilty.

Again, your welcome.