I made a post in the past about résumé designs that you can find here. It didn’t get a lot of views at the time, but the few that saw them seemed to have responded well. So, here I am again with more résumé designs. These are not your typical outlines that just mention your education, work experience and skills. No. These are aesthetic designs that are engineered to make employers know that you think outside the box. You’re not a square peg in a round hole. You’re not a horse without a saddle. These will ENSURE that hiring managers know this.

Sample Résumé

For the sake of this post, we are going to use the sample résumé I made from a template. Just pay attention to the way we tweak the résumé shown below and apply those changes directly to your own.

Mirrored Design

Many of you are probably wondering why this would be a good idea. Well, just like you, there are layers to this résumé that will show off your wisdom.

Museum of Science

Who is the most creative thinker in our history? Famous biographer, Walter Isaacson, would argue that it is Leonardo da Vinci. da Vinci was a man of many fields, and his journals are full of insights that show off both his intelligence and curiosity. But do you also know that da Vinci was also known to have written backwards in his journals? Odds are, hiring mangers know this.

Apply da Vinci’s aesthetic to your résumé. Employers will be then thinking, “Hmm. I wonder what creative ideas he can bring to our office. And will he design the helicopter?”

Mad-Lib Design

Most of us did Mad-Libs as a kid. They’re simple, fun puzzles. They have you fill in a list of different words, then take that list and add them sporadically throughout a story. The result is a hilarious piece of nonsense in which characters find themselves in all sorts of shenanigans.

This is an ingenius way to design your résumé. I have a template above that you can use, or you can go ahead and design your own. This is creativity and genius in spades. Not only will the hiring manger be impressed, but odds are by filling in the Mad-Lib puzzle, they’ll be building the ideal candidate they have in their head. Then, when they fill in the puzzle, that perfect candidate will be you! What better way to apply for a job then to let the boss assemble the candidate they want?

Many of you may be thinking that if you turn your résumé into a game, you’ll just be wasting the hiring manager’s time. Here’s the thing: That’s exactly what we want. Next time you apply for a job on LinkedIn, take a look at how many other applicants there are. Sometimes there can be over a hundred for the same job. How are you going to possibly stand out? Well, making a Mad-Lib-style résumé is one way to do it. As famous marketer, Seth Godin, said inPurple Cow, being memorable is about being remarkable. And this style of résumé is how you can be remarkable.

3. Dr. Bronner-Style

Look at that bottle of Dr. Bronner soap. Look at how amazing it is. The label is irresistible. If you see this in your friend’s shower, how could you possibly not look at it and read the diverse, minuscule texts?

Apply this same irresistible design to your résumé. Let me make this clear: this is not cluttering it with bullsh*t. You can read the important stuff perfectly. It’s the tiny text down the sides and in the upper-margin that make this résumé irresistible.

Plus, you can also add personality depending on the text that you go with. On mine, I have everything from lyrics to Despacito, Eminem, and Pitbull (aka Mr. Worldwide), to the Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King Jr.’s, I Have a Dream speech. Honor the best and brightest. Then put it on your résumé.

90’s Design

Nostalgia is more fashionable than ever. Franchises from the 2000’s and the 90’s are constantly being re-hashed. Just look at all the Spider-Man reboots! Nostalgia also shows an understanding and appreciation for the past. Apply it to your résumé! On mine, you can see some classic WordArt text, a Legends of the Hidden Temple logo, and that design you used to see on every cup of soda.

But be creative. This is mine design. It can be yours, but it doesn’t have to be. Use your résumé as a canvas. And if you’d like, send me your design to on twitter. There’s so many different takes on nostalgia, I’d love to see yours.

Protest Résumé

More and more we are seeing politics bleed over into other parts of our life. Millennials also want the companies they support to stand for certain values, and many companies are willing to do so. Show the hiring manager your integrity. Let them know that net neutrality comes before anything, even your career.

They’ll call their local congressman, then they’ll be calling you in for an interview.