Us humans, we’re visual creatures. Which is why it is incredibly important that you nail the aesthetic of your résumé. While most applicants will just use bland, bullet-pointed descriptions of their past jobs, we can take the extra mile to give our résumés that little bit of design “oompf” to set you apart from the pack.

Sample Résumé

For the sake of this post, we are going to use the sample résumé I made from a template. Just pay attention to the way we tweak the résumé shown above and apply those changes directly to your own.


Classical Design

Everyone loves classics. From movies such as The Shawshank Redemption to books such as Lord of the Rings. Canonized works of art are known and appreciated throughout the entire world. This means you can use those key design concepts to let employers know that you have an eye for what was great in the past, and you will use that eye to create greatness in the future.

With that all said, what is more classic than Roman-style laurel wreaths?! Use laurel wreaths to accent all of the main points within your résumé.

This will make employers know you aspire for more.

Add Color

Make sure to use extra toner to add a deep magenta background to your entire résumé. Employers know you’re going to be spending time to get that job. They also want to know that you’ll spend money to get the job. Using toner to create a background for your résumé can make employers think, “Hey, this person knows what they want, and they’re willing to use magenta to get it.”

Cubism Design

Are you a creative? Trick question — in this modern economy, we all need to be creative. Show off your eye for artistry and your ability to rehash old, genius ideas with a bit of a Picasso-inspired résumé.

Dab On the Haters

Every company wants to have young, hip employees who can appeal to millennials. Well, why can’t that be you? Show them your ability to appeal to tha kids with a “Dab on the Haters” theme.

For those who may be a bit cautious about using these ideas, it’s okay. These ideas aren’t going to be for everyone. But just know that there are thousands of other applicants out there. Which means the next best idea is to use the same outline and template that everyone else is using. If you think handing in a résumé that looks like everyone else’s is a good idea, then go for it. But, if you want to stand out from the pack, show a little bit of artistic flair, then I am happy to offer you my suggestions from above.